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A specialist body created specifically to cater for the needs of small general accounting practitioner, qualified by experience and engaged in public practice within the United Kingdom.

We are an organisation that actually understands the pressures and concerns that affect these practitioners on a daily basis.

Benefits of membership

The Association offers a wide range of benefits to the small practising accountant, including : professional membership; practising certificate; comprehensive exclusive members insurance package; branch/CPD seminar network; monthly professional newsletter and updates on the latest financial news via this website.


The Association offers support to its members both centrally and regionally through peer support.                    


The Association represents member's interests with government, trade and professional bodies.


The Association of Incorporated Public Accountants (AIPA) is pleased to announce that it has been accepted into membership of the European Accounting Association (EAA). Membership of EAA adds to AIPA’s existing membership of the Commonwealth Federation of Accountants and the Confederation of Independent Accountancy Bodies and further enhances AIPA’s position in the global accountancy community.

The European Accounting Association (EAA) aims to link together the Europe-wide community of accounting scholars and researchers, to provide a platform for the wider dissemination of European accounting research, and to foster and improve research in order to ensure the development and the promotion of accounting as well as the improvement of the teaching skills.

It also aims at the development of relations with all other professional and research-oriented Associations which are active in the field of accounting, as well as with European or international committees and authorities concerned with political decision making in this field.

Since its establishment in 1977, the EAA has had a major impact on the accounting research community throughout Europe. Gone are the days when only a few accounting academics knew their colleagues in other countries... The EAA has established a secure and developing series of networks that bring together all accounting researchers interested in a wider European concept of their subject and research interests.


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